Paper Options:

All our stamps are printed on water-activated gummed paper. Our standard paper is a high-quality smooth non-glossy white paper. This matt paper is excellent for multi-coloured stamp designs, and very handling-friendly (tearing, glue quality, stiffness).

As an alternative, we offer a glossy white paper with dot gumming. The dot gumming consists of very small glue dots which make the reverse side appear feel rough. This paper is recommending when using photos with vivid colours as a basis for the stamp image. It is less stiff than the matt paper, though.

Coloured matt gummed paper (blue, green and other colours), best for black and white images, is also available. Only blue and green can be supplied currently without delay in sheet numbers of up to 100 sheets. Other colours are not on stock and may be difficult to obtain since these papers seem to be out of production now. A surcharge may apply for these.

Of course, we can also print on non-gummed special papers on request. Please contact us with your requirements.

Yourstamps uses high-resolution laser printing technology. It is also possible to use offset printing on request. As offset printing requires one to four photo masks (depending on the number of colours used), there is a high fixed price involved which makes the technology only price-efficient if several thousands of stamp sheets are to be printed. Please ask us for an offer if you are interested in offset printed stamps.

Example 8: Set of "Free Format" stamps printed on coloured matt gummed paper

Balanga Respublike - President T.K. Series